Sweaters In The Summer (album)


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"Solid beat-boxing, on-point verse-spitting and abstract psy-fly/ hip-hop rhythms come together to make one of the more interesting CD's I've heard this year. Generik (aka Jonaire') delivers lyrics whose meaning isn't immediately evident. Often, though, obscure words make for a more alluring piece of art, which "Sweaters in the Summer" most certainly is."
- Justin Roberts, San Diego City Beat (Mar 06, 2013)

"We've been in outer space for too long, bring it back home to Earth where we belong" INTRO/VERITGO...Something different and fun for everyone. 2012 Summer-themed album featuring Anek, Artoo, Audible Junkie, Jessica Johnson wrapped in beatboxing from planet Leminis out of the Ellen Sea of Light and onto the shores of lovely Southern Cali. Trying not to drown in an ocean of aspiring artists and shallow dead-end trends "LIFEGUARD". Living Now Constantly, appreciating the eternal moment "BOND FIRE". Beach bikini bbq's on an ocean of fire and radiation under tie-dye skies "COCONUT SHOTGUN". A clutter of cats. Be self-sufficient in all ways of life, "LIVE BY YOUR OWN RULES" be an "EVERYDAY HERO" don't be victim to Insatiable Indulgences "ALL YOU CAN CHEAT BUFFET". Burning unstable "BRIDGES". Philosophizing w/ uncertain, paranoid hypochondriacs, "DOOR BELL DITCH" toxic thoughts. "ECSTASY EXISTS" in love, honesty and humility. Relaxing in a creek at the end of Summer listening to the radio, crack open a gentleman's beverage and speak the mind "FORMULA ONE" Discovering and mourning the knowledge of Atlantis, evolving consciously, spiritually. This is a crucial time for us as a species "LIES UNDERNEATH". Bringing it back to the ocean from whence we came. Something different and fun for everyone. Original Summer-Themed soundscapes.


released September 25, 2012

Written, produced, recorded, engineered by Generik. Additional rhymes by Anek and Artoo. Additional soul and piano by Jessica Johnson where noted. 9 features production by Artoo. 12 features production by Audible Junkie.

Album cover designed by Generik
Album painting by Jessica Johnson



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Track Name: Introvertigo
Im on a boat, on a ship, on a submarine,
on a space ship, outer space, all up in your dreams
im on a boat, on a ship, on a submarine,
on a microchip, inner space, all up in your dreams

Im the comet in the sky you wish upon
bouncing like the ball on the words to your sing-a-long
ring the alarm? lighten up your too serious
under my hypnosis, Imperious
landing in the mysterious ocean of deep thought
killin it w/ the sweet talk and the beatbox
while you were nodding out in a bar booth
I was writing these rhymes in the sand with a shark tooth
straight out the ice blue tide pools
my rivals write haiku's like "im cool"
Ive traveled the country, inspired many
rocked shows in your city and made a couple pennies
Ive been around the universe for plenty of millennium
been to hell and back, grew heavenly antennae
pirate, vagabond, gypsy, everyman
come to flip this world on a keg stand
rattle the snakes, psych-out the vultures
circling your dead pan, biting at your cutlures
hermit black sheep, feel asleep in a wormhole
woke up in a dreamland earth show
Leminis, her and I, harmonize all the time, shes my cutie
plant seeds of life outta the LNC "Sea of Light"
Nor-Cal, So-Cal, NC to SD beauty
you find my design a kinda typical wise guy?
my rhyme divine opti-mystical psy-fly
a breath of fresh air, killin your infection
filtering toxins like a philodendron
my life's not structured by time
Im a free floating phantom birthed by intelligent design
Im not a hipster, consider me a beatnik
a sweet Flip, peace-nik, Hip Hop Beatsmith
Nutopian Chief, LNC dopamine
unseen potency like scopoloamine.
You cant put me in a box with a label
Ive unplugged my cables, authority disabled
stronger than your hardcore drugs
contaminate your bombs with love, I am not a thug
I'm a light in the dark confusion
helping you see through the illusion

pull him out from under
sweat him like a brother
or chase her like a lover
wake em' outta slumber
shreddin up the lumber
wrote a letter to your mother
weathers been a bummer
Sweaters In The Summer.
Track Name: Bond Fire
We don't sleep on the moon anymore.
We don't dig deep to the core.
We don't breath on the ocean floor anymore.
We don't believe in a folk lore.
They don't tell fairy tales like they used to.
But I do it very well cuz I choose to.
I am very well aware of the truth.
I can be anywhere if it includes you
We're here right now, yes we're here right now
Its all about the moment, Im about the moment
We're here right now, yes we're here right now
Its all about this, Im about this

If quoted, I'd like you to learn from me
one moment can last an eternity
And if I learned one thing from any song
Its so much fun to be wrong.
And while your out getting wasted
Im in the basement creating great shit.
Wait, there ain't no basements in SD
In that case I'm in the space God sent me.
Facades plenty in a world of MC's
w/ thoughts empty I kill em all gently
With kindness, my science a refined mix.
A vibrant design to re-align glitch
Is a sound pattern that I like to spit.
All proud actin like this a type of hit ?
Worth the reaches of a grammy ?
More likely eating faces on the beaches of Miami.
More likely growing feathers out of candy.
More likely you will never understand me.
Im too high over your head
Wont hit a roach in the head, killin in it sober instead.
Floating in infinite space, with an unlimited grace
and still winning the race at a simpletons pace

We don't live on the moon anymore
we don't live deep near the core
We don't live on the ocean floor anymore
We don't live in a folklore
They don't tell fairy tales like the truth
But I do it very well cuz I choose.
I am very well aware of the proof
I can be anywhere with you.
We're here right now, yes we live right now
Its all about the moment, Im about the moment.
We're here now, yes we live right now
Its all about this, all around bliss.
Track Name: All You Can Cheat Buffet
All you can stuff your face w/
money money money money money go chase it
hit the jack pot, get wasted
cigarette smoke laced w/ the basic in self amazement
Track Name: Door Bell Ditch
my pocket sarcophagus coughs up cyber space.
pirates chase Pinocchio off turbulent decks
modern puppets receiving unemployment checks.
clip your strings if you haven't yet
there is no free will shadows control your every step.
The next question is always one step ahead of us
unseen surveillance is what really Heaven does.
Order words of out place our lets
solve the riddle me this, place your bets
wards back subliminal ain't a scary thang
begin to understand after hittin maryjane.
Track Name: Lies Underneath
South of the ironic island of Greenland
West of genocide rebels and tribes of fierce men
East of corrupted democracy, land of the free?
North of melting glaciers and polar bears sipping tea
A sea of mystery, the expansive Atlantic
home to the unknown and the kingdom of Atlantis
Miami, Puerto Rico, tropical, exclusive
holding hands w/ Satan's portal of Bermuda
Triangle. Vanished ships and aircraft trajectory
paranormal activity has puzzled man for centuries.
could it be wormholes? and time warp to the past?
alien abductions or pockets of methane gas?
Infinitely vast black icebergs liquid graves
titanic waves in one night wiped out the perfect race.
Civilizations known to accomplish a deep understanding of the universe
Poseidon's wrath made the future worst.
Destroyed all the knowledge, forced to live primitive
innocent cavemen, scientists limited
forced to re-learn, we don't have common sense
spiritually condensed because we want tangible evidence.

They got what they came for
opened Gods knowledge and exited through the same door
We got the ocean in a jar, the sea was our home first
We know more about the stars than we do of our own Earth.
You get what you came for
different outside but we've got the same core
don't dive too deep if the skies outta reach
We don't know what lies underneath

Shark attack, razor-blade sharp.
Jaws pierce hard, proofs in the scar.
Some live for the lust and the money and the sin
but who can you trust when everybody wants to win?
So you keep your guard up, keep raising your bars up.
Open your mind to the beauty that we're all star dust
manifested through the universe connected through your conscious
Love your life and don't be afraid of death, I promise you'll be okay.
Hierarchy is dis-honest,
want to keep you in fear through mental and physical bomb threats.
So you gotta wake up and pull the veil from your iris
apply the science to a giant alliance of pirates
rely on the sky and fly high to find the shine to Zion
Be the change you want to be, the Antidote to virus.
The Mayans, Egyptians, Sumerians,
US Americans are embarrassing compared to them.
They knew and understood so much more than we do.
We are plankton and they are gourmet seafood.
They built the monoliths using anonymous tools,
built the monoliths leaving obvious clues
for us to remember what we forgot.
Wish we could remember, it'd really mean a lot
to the sanity of humanity we try and reach
use your mind to seek what Lies Underneath.

They got what they came for
opened Gods knowledge and exited through the same door
We got the ocean in a jar, the sea was our home first
We know more about the stars than we do of our own Earth.
You get what you came for
different outside but we've got the same core
don't dive too deep if the skies outta reach
We don't know what LIES UNDERNEATH...