Organic Anti​-​D​.​O​.​T​.​E. (album)

by Generik & Audible Junkie



Anti-Destruction Of The Earth (Anti-D.O.T.E)

San Diego Music Awards (SDMA) nominated for "Best Hip Hop Album" 2015

Watch the video for "Ambidextrous" here -

A lyricist to me represents one who delivers a message with substance, meaning, truth and imagination with style. Speaks from the heart, delivers from the soul. Is honest with self, shows humility. Shares stories, ideas and wisdom from experience. Isn't afraid to face fears, be vulnerable or laugh at themselves. Lyricists are responsible for their words on the mic to the audience even if nobody listens.

Audible Junkie blessed me with these beats and I let them marinate for years. I was able to focus solely on the art of lyricism and the craft of songwriting.The concepts appeared to me through time and I finally submitted to the challenge.

All these songs were written during a creative high in December of 2014.
All songs recorded between Dec. and Jan 2015.

Photo was taken by my mom Adelaida Dela Rosa in North Hollywood, CA in 1989


released June 23, 2015

All beats Produced by Audible Junkie
Written, Recorded and Engineered by Generik (11:11 Vibrations/ ASCAP)



all rights reserved
Track Name: Arrival
Good morning, your awake. You’ve arrived,
Free your mind and breathe you’re alive.
Appreciate the silence. Do you hear the whispers?
Heighten your senses, let them tickle your ear whiskers
to experience success you must risk failure
to experience true love you must be willing to suffer
If you gotta give love to get love, I must be pouring my heart out
Turn the sun into a light bulb and a candle to a star now
Earth is the middle ground for the spirit in training
Maya’s the illusion the universe is creating
through me, an expressionist with a dream
Over active imagination resisting the paranoid regime
A shaman in the 3rd world and a psycho in the 1st
a sensitive soul who questioned everything since birth
I came from the culture of independent thought
a product of the DIY think for yourself MANTRA
Dysfunctional family tree with hybrid roots
European, Filipino that’s mestizo to you
Too nerdy for the "cool" and too "cool" for the nerds
A lonely child lookin for attention from the herd

I feel like tadpole in a sea of art
A voice lost in the distortion of noise
Most are afraid to be different
cookie cutter pleasures falling victim to the void

Some artists go mad when their stuck in the plight.
The worthy take flight and the unworthy take the limelight
I might consider selling out for the benefits
Take care of my family elements
trivial tasks distracted in material worlds
get in touch w/ your brilliance in the spiritual world
this is a middle finger for the powers that be
Audible Junkie on the beats and Im Jonaireeeee
Track Name: Prole Music
Some consider it dirt, some consider it great
While your diggin in the trash, we be diggin in the crates
Lookin for lost gems and rare diamonds
distorted fuzz guitar, Ethereal violins
hearin it w/ fresh ears
I consider the raw early work the best years
Of almost any band, rap group or mc
Before the record company left em all empty
Thrift store pawn shop we can be jamming
One mans trash is another mans grammy
w/ a passion for art and a love for creation
your imagination can improve your situation
A lil bit a this a lil bit a that
We’re alchemist in this hip hop habitat
Patch work yo, I think that works
An entourage of collages to make a cat twerk
Doesn’t matter what your wearin
Or any of the clubs you been embarrassingly tearin thru
How many quote-un-quote bitches in your lap
Real rap aint about none of that crap
You could feel like a pimp in a million dollar studio
And still make noise that sounds super poopy tho
you can make a masterpiece in your bedroom
On a laptop and mic in the restroom
20 dollar headphones rip free software
You can do so much with not a lot there
You don’t even need instruments or machines
Raw music from the sound of a human being.

Doesn’t matter what you have its how you use it
Don’t gotta be rich to make beautiful music
Don’t need the latest gear in a million dollar studio
grab what you have and get to grooving yo
All you need is your soul and a lil bit of passion
Some creativity and a lil bit of talent
Mix it all together and what have you got?
Hip hop
Doesn’t matter what you bought, its how you freak it
Don’t need to be a genius its not a secret
Don’t need the latest gear in a million dollar studio
grab what you have and get to grooving yo
All you need is your soul and a lil bit of passion
funk, creativity and a lil bit of talent
Mix it all together and what have you got?
Hip hop
Track Name: Opening Act Veterans ft. Aneken
We’re real people, who make real fans,
rock real shows, where hands reach the ceiling fans
Making music from the heart and the soul
We’re in control, and you’re just another troll
We haven’t and we won’t buy our way to the top
We’re so hip hop we only let our talents talk
Stop exploiting a manufactured image
That amateur’s mimic we’re battling on the fringes

on the fringes, we love art more than business
its been a decade so we've watched many finish,
over 100 open mics we rocked as neophytes
we still keep the tongue blade sharp, just ask Wesley snipes
old school to new school, from we know you to new fools
the main rule to be you otherwise hip hop eludes you
hip hop and rap don't confuse the two
one is real talk the other is after its been abused.

We live on the margin of structure and chaos
On the edge of society, performing a séance
To resurrect the living dead from a shallow grave
Materialistic robotic slaves can be saved
We came from the school of pure ingenuity
Substance and originality are under scrutiny
It used to be cool to be real raw legitimate
Most wouldn’t be anything without the internet

we were hyper in old cyphers, the most highest
got my mind off the world corrupted ass tryants
when we wrote rocked mics so tireless
when we spoke thoughts at night admiring
all the do-it-your-selfers that came before us
artists above the hate of hip hop forums
rocked stages for churches and alcoholics
keep the wittiness sharp and never tarnished
Track Name: Boo Radley (Think Loud)
Listen up, who really gives a fuck?
If you’re pointless while holding the conch then give it up
Pass it on to the brain with a voice
Who speaks from the heart and makes the right choice
To utilize the mic to truly communicate
And not masturbate on stage for goodness sake
we’re blessed to be able to share info
its time to organize our minds yo lets go!

Just think a lil louder don’t speak a lil louder don’t speak a lil louder just think think a lil louder don’t speak a lil louder just speak a lil louder don’t think a lil louder

am I the mockingbird?
Who stops talking first, keeps watch of the flocking herd
How do we keep the purity of a child
Who grows up without feeling alive in a while
Who wants to be dead when they grow up?
you wont rust if you don’t flux with the bogus
don’t lose faith in humanities thunder
Look at the world w/ an alien sense of wonder
rather than a reality fulla boxes
some stay silent and some stay obnoxious
so keep your eye on a Ninja
before they disappear and re appear to get ya

Just think a lil louder don’t speak a lil louder don’t speak a lil louder just think think a lil louder don’t speak a lil louder just speak a lil louder don’t think a lil louder

loud is the mind of the silent
providing science and guidance for the alliance
learn the way of the samurai
the most dangerous can look like the average guy
infiltrate the mechanics of the system
pose as the enemy start the rot from within them
We’re expected to keep our mouths shut
So infiltrate from the inside if your down as fuck
If your loud you give yourself away
so shut your mouth until its time play
you'll be more effective if you blend in
this is covert operation

When they Burn all the books
keep the words in your head
when they burn down the world
keep your memories warm
when the burn all the books
lets build a new world, lets write a new world, lets build a new world
Track Name: Power Struggle
you met him at a show, you met her at a bar
now this Madonna is your brightest shining star
she wants his money, he wants her ass
he doesn’t even notice how he got it in so fast
she wants his power, she gives him her flower
venus fly trap pink floyd your devoured
she gives him what he needs, she gets what she wants
impossible to separate their needs from their taunts
he’s too nice, but violent when you piss him off
she’s too fly, but silent when you piss her off
hes loyal while she yells at him for nothing
shes loyal while hes goes out and does nothing
the sex is great, but that’s all it is
wait till your stuck together with all these kids
they love to be together, they fight when there apart
some relationships are doomed from the start

shes so obvious, hes so mysterious
shes so scandalous, hes so delirious
shes so stubborn, hes so vindictive
hes so stubborn, shes so suspicious

it’s a give and take, an endless power struggle
fragile love n hate, blow or pop the bubbles
it’s a give and take, an endless power struggle
fragile love n hate, blow or pop the bubbles

he tells white lies to get her to smile
shes tells lies to get a way for a while
she leaves town, he stays at home
hes got a frown, shes getting in the zone (out fetching bones)
she tells white lies to keep him confused
he tells lies when he feels abused
shes insecure, hes got trust issues
hes insecure, shes got substance abuse
she cries for the fact that hes wrong
he cries for the fact that shes gone
get your soul back bro, get your soul back sister
all those sweet kisses can turn into blisters
now shes back home, wat a surprise,
something feels different in between her thighs
hes got a wandering eye, shes got wobbling thighs
they call each other out and deny it every time

shes so obvious, hes so mysterious
shes so scandalous, hes so delirious
shes so stubborn, hes so vindictive
hes so stubborn, shes so suspicious

it’s a give and take, an endless power struggle
fragile love n hate, blow or pop the bubbles
it’s a give and take, an endless power struggle
fragile love n hate, blow or pop the bubbles

waste your time trippin on each other
rather than enjoying time with each other
waste your time trippin on each other
rather than enjoying time with each other
Track Name: Crossfade (Demo)
Take the money that Ive earned just to get some herb
Get high w/ homies and watch the earth turn
Take cash out the cookie jar, steal the keys take the car
Get faded by myself so I can escape to mars
Experiment with reality, bend the rules
God planted the seeds and sent us the tools
Flux with the mood through substance abuse
Romanticize with freedom cause its fun to be a fool
On occasion, a taste for power and adrenaline
Im friends with the unknown I welcome it and let it in
I don’t need much, im on a natural high
All of my life ive been considered perma-fried
Curiosity enlightened the cat
Challenge your perception, how inspiring is that?
Go pro, Be stoned for a month and a day
Smoke bowls go bowl then go hit up the buffet
For an Eating contest turned food fight
two nights straight I thought I had a noose tied
Round my neck, tight chest, and I couldn’t breathe
Heart beating fast, hearing voices I couldn’t see
A bad trip sent me Spinning into uncertainty
Altered my reality permanently
And now I dance with the trees and sing w/ the flowers
The Fungus among us turned minutes to hours
And it feels like ive been here before
And often get that feeling like I really need more
But thankfully im not addicted to the cybin
Cuz Im the type that might end up in an asylum
and im not the type to brag about what ive done
Or how faded Ive gotten, or how far that ive gone
I could care less about a strand or a pipe you designed
I just wanna chill my mind from time to time
I can go from rolling around laughing my head off
To paranoid about one of you cutting my head off
See I tend to take things too far
Overthinking schizophrenic bi polar?
Ill Binge drink then go through a raw phase
On a good day I prefer a nice cross fade
I never needed it to be creative
The perfect balance KEEPS conversations stimulated
Don’t be so uptight, yes we should legalize
see the benefits health wise and in between the eyes
that’s for your mind dummy
makes food yummy turns a dark sky sunny
none for you? well its not for everyone
but I recommend anyone get to try it once
but now its not the same as it was
Every single hit is like chasing my first buzz.
Track Name: Ambidextrous ft. Aneken
I was born to use both sides of the brain
A balance of ambigrams with an eye for the strange

I was born to see both sides of the pain,
to inflict the damage and learn how to receive the pain

I see too much passion yet not enough talent,
and too much talent yet not enough passion.

I see too much promotion yet not enough devotion,
and too much devotion yet not enough promotion

just because I like you or your music
doesn't mean I have to like you or your music.

just cuz truth is inconclusive,
it doesn't give you a right to act so FFF stupid

A family history of mental disease
Now your considered psycho if you associate with me

insanity, misery both live on my street
we use to kick it all the time but now we hardly speak

A gift and a curse an enthusiastic madness
An unstable genius anchored by sadness

I enter my search juxtaposed like some pandas,
to rule the earth fight the pros and Khans like Genghis

Crazy people make me feel normal
Normal people make me feel abnormal

insane people make me feel so regular,
regular people make me feel so irregular

Trust your instincts, but be mindful of your instincts
The universe is in sync as we become extinct

love your intuitions, embrace your inhibitions
staring at outer space enhances your inner vision

Take advantage of the advances of technology
Don’t let technology take advantage of your psychology

the psychology of this money making economy
economically profits from sickness psycologically

That moment when philosophizing up late
Becomes a pretentious facebook status update

that period of time when you cry and wine late
so you post to facebook but im still on myspace

Nobody cares about your self gratifying opinions
So heres a middle finger for all your thoughts and opinions

when theres no more bears and the sky has no pigeons
it'll be too late to split hairs over politics and religion

When I die bury my body under a tree
So when it fruits you can juice or eat a piece of me

eat a piece of me and when your body digests and starts releasing me
I'll reconstruct my head and feet and walk into your memories
strategically erase place my face on everyone you meet
cuz i was never there but everywhere BON APETIT
Track Name: Bloodline
Before I was born my mom had a family
In the Philippines slaving in a cigarette factory
Not even in high school, trying not to starve
In the jungles of the province, island life is hard!
Before I was born my dad had a family
In Detroit the capital of automobile factories
And Motown to Chicago ice cold and windy
Inherited the attitude ice cold and gritty
The 2 worlds collided, industrial and nature
Culturally divided, in a paradise with strangers
Who were poor, my dad was in the navy with the ticket
To the promised land of million’s big city and riches
Before I was born my parents had a family
In the Philippines where my older brother was actually
Left behind to the stay on the island in the storm
our family was torn Before I was even born
and I didn’t even know Till I was 5 years old,
my mom told me about a family I would never know
all I ever wanted was to see him and tell him I cared
I still don’t understand why they fkn left him there
How do you live with yourself? I often ask
But they refuse to believe the reality of the past
Like I was conceived to escape to a new a life
Running away selfish to a fresh roll of dice

I was a little boy with big dreams
Id stretch my imagination to the extremes
Lonely child exploring my senses
Entertaining myself the possibilities were endless
My mind helped keep me occupied.
While my parents would fight and push me to the side
Neglected in damaging ways, I would cry
These walls are too thin to hide the lies behind
Lock me in a dark room by myself
With no one around to comfort or to help
The silenced was loud and burned my ears
Being alone is my haven yet one of my worst fears
Was too mature for my age
Would sneak out often and disappear for days
My thoughts were complex
Id pretend like I didn’t know how to talk and was thoughtless
A mute who would draw chaos during story time
By myself in a corner, I had an absorbing mind
At times I was spoiled like no other
I had everything but all I wanted was my brother

A family tree full of bad blood and curses
I sometimes consider cutting it down if that would nurse it
killing off the bloodline permanently shred it
With me as the last member to finally end it

A sacrifice to the rid the world of another burden
But I forgive them, they did the best they could
They were already damaged..from their childhood.
No family is perfect, everyone's got skeletons
We can only hope our kids will have it better than us
So I gotta be the one to change the course of our history
Im gonna create a new legacy and lead this family to victory

I Thank God for the music, it saved my soul
Art helps me express and keeps me in control
To my brother and his family, I swear Im gonna save you
I think about selling out just so take you
Off the island of poverty and stop my moms addiction
To gambling and get my dads head out of the television
But its not about the money, it’s the courage that I need
To complete this mission please pray for me to succeed
Track Name: Anti-D.O.T.E (Destruction Of The Earth)
We can only push forward Progress out of danger,
no safety in fantasy, Im a liberator
My purpose is to help you get back to you
For those who have lost themselves searching for clues
To find what you’ve always had but haven’t known for a while
I wanna Inspire and enlighten with smiles
Heaven is real and hell is a mind-state
You can reach either one without a divine fate
your mind is a source of infinite energy
an ocean of potential and unlimited remedies
to any ailment or psychological torment
don’t let any of your powers lay dormant
love what you have, and if you cant afford it
you probably don’t need it, Fuck time, we need more of it.
But give it time and it will heal
That’s the deal, then all secrets will be revealed
Hopefully I can be a beacon of sanity
when reality feels like it has a different gravity
Ill be here to pull you back to earth
Or to point you in the right direction while your on your search
For whatever it is you might be looking for
support you through the doors cuz that’s what friends are for
Sometimes you gotta embrace the chaos
Roll with the punches and let it flow till it pays off
But if your stuck, only you can up out the muck
Shouts to all you badass cats who are down as fuck
And quit trippin off insignificant games
Theres much more to life you gotta see the bigger frame
Its all perspective, don’t be afraid of what you hear
Disinformation makes us hate what we fear
And if you didn’t know, you all have a soul
Fuck your destiny, cause your in control
If your struggling keep your head above water
You have the strength for freedom just push a lil harder
Just don’t lose sight of the Essentials
Don’t let materials become sentimental s
For the lost souls who feel they dont' belong anywhere
Open up a lil bit trust allies are everywhere

Transcend barriers of race, sex and class
Live in the now don’t worry about the past
Follow synchronicity's, acknowledge possibilities
Your guided by the ones who help the best of your abilities
For my brother, well reunite again
PLEASE take care of the family, love is what I send
From baseball to biking to rocking many stages
Its natural for growth to go through many phases
So Put down your phone, turn off your computer
Go outside praise the sun live is pretty super

From the universe to my soul \To the thoughts in my head
To my fingers on the keyboard\ To the ink in my pen
To my voice to the mic, to a download or a cd
To your ears, to a video or show where you can see me
To the stages ive rocked and the mics that Ive shared
To the people Ive met, to all those who cared
About me and my art, from the big to the small
To those I care about who don’t care about me at all

Its cuz of you I do what I do/ And I do what I do cuz of you/ thank you
from the bottom of my heart Im forever grateful
For supporting me through this journey, Even if your hateful
Its cuz of you I do what I do/ And I do what I do cuz of you/ thank you
from the bottom of my soul, your all my friends
and even if you’re not, you’ve had a purpose in my life, the end