MA​.​GN​.​I​.​FR​.​I​.​ED. (album)




All proceeds go directly to feeding, mobilizing, sheltering and inspiring me. Thank you for your contributions.

I poured my heart and soul onto this album. My blood, sweat and tears flow through each song. Countless hours spent editing Minor Details on sleepless nights. This is my most ambitious, experimental, personal and vulnerable album.

This collage of sound was created over the majority of summer of 2011. Inspired by lucid living, psychedelia. broken hearts. tribal music. modern/ancient life. hot sedated summer nights. multi-genre music. Electronics, death, John Lennon. cosmic orgasms. innocent beauty. isolation. fear. the unknown. memories aspirations and smiles

a little window into my head at the time.

Conceived and crafted while star gazing on hot, sedated summer nights. Recorded n engineered by Generik in an igloo in a cave in the Centaurs galaxy...

Psy-Fly x Opti-Mystic Music

"this collage of sounds took me to a place where I felt uneasy and fearful at first, but brought me back to my days as a young dreamer aspiring for love and free thought" - Dr. Anonymous


released November 11, 2011

All songs concieved, created n' crafted by Generik x B.McClure 11:11/ASCAP
Album cover designed by Generik
Photos by Jessica Johnson



all rights reserved
Track Name: Cinematographantoms
are you in control of your life?
who pulls the strings around your neck tight?
walking zombies on walkie talkies
texting Illumnati souls in your body and mind
captured, but mines fine tuned
evil eye on the tube during prime time.
cant tell the difference in visuals
between entertainment and occult rituals?
we only see what we think we see
I was born to raise vibrational frequencies
watching you from the moon every night
why the hell you think they call it a satellite
crafty movements, the landing of the moon was
actually produced by Stanely Kubrick
and I plan to prove it, I cant stand the new shit
I have the blueprints un-hand me stupid.
Ill build it up then Ill break it apart
show you the war between making money and making art
this is real hip hop that you've never heard
some tell me to stop but Im a clever nerd
Atom bomb in the war zone
Ive got more hip hop in my pinky than you've got in your wardrobe
its all real and all true
Jonaire, LNC, MA GN I FR I ED for you
Track Name: Phoenix Eye
so you wanna make music?
is it for the money, ladies, or the movement?
the fame, the legacy, the action?
the love, the sex, or the passion?
so, did you make them smile?
did you make the crowd go wild?
did you impress the eye of the love of your life?
can you do it for us every night?
you think so but you don't know
I think so but I don't know
You try to, and I try to
but you don't know how much they lie to you
So the beatbox has got people in shock
now privileged to rock w/ my idols
and friends that Ive made along the journey
the harmony and the fury
You'll dissolve if you try to blow up in a hurry
yea, I smoke a little cigarette,
sip a lil bit of alcohol, ponder infinite,
gettin intimate w/in the comforts of my padded walls,
gettin lost w/ Alice when the rabbit calls

and your on a roll till you lose control
I was on a roll till I lost control
your on a roll till you lose control
I was honor rolled till I lost control
You choose to go, to and fro
in cruise control but movin slow
so shoot n' roll w/ a lucid flow
until your nose is oozin blow.

Ive had nightmares of bein chased
by men in corporate suits w/out a face
wake up in a cold sweat barely feelin safe
until my mind goes blank and I fade to outer space
Ive over come my fears
opened my eyes wide, my ears,
opened my heart shared my tears w/ peers
and I'm still sittin here feelin insecure
They say kill people, burn shit, fuck school. Nah..
Love people, praise shit, go to school Nah..
Dont go to school, you'll learn everything on your own
whether confused or in the zone
yea Im in the zone, rich flavored oxygen
they say I walk on water, I walk on moccasins
I cant sleep, my thoughts keep me awake at night
I need to eat right, keep my ideas tight
Interacting, Processing, Analyze, Distriubute
Response, Reaction, Respnse, Reaction
Responsibility, We've got the liberty
to recall vividly when we needed tranquility.

Ive lost the best songs Ive ever made,
Ive been in love but I still wait for better days
I know its so cliche, but one of the best cliches
Speak from your heart, you'll always get away
So you don't have everything you want?
Cant you appreciate the little things you've got?
Gotta get your karma up, gotta get your karma up
Gotta get your karma up, gotta get your karma up

Every little thing you do is brilliant
and Every little thought you say is wonderful
N Every little thing you say is wonderful
N Every little thing you touch is ecstasy

don't let the militant come in kill w/hundreds of diligent
tenements kickin it intimate open the gates to the infinite
Ellen Sea kill it w natural elements energies tellin it millions of people candle lit heaven scent medicine nobody toppin us government watching us reachin the higher intelligence

the craziest drug Ive ever done is love
Track Name: Trapper Keeper ft. Kooki Monstr
imma do big things w/ my life
i can move big things w/ my mind
imma dreamer, no stantely steamer
dream weaver, street preacher, clean sweeper

lemme handle your job job
imma tackle w/ your boss
imma rock improv, prov
on the beatbox wanna watch watch?
off the top, or pre-meditated
Im a rocket, elevated
we can chill or get medicated
before the kill i will serenade it
i pack houses w/ mouses
fill arenas, w/ cheetahs and zebras all libras
then pocket the dough like a pita
stop the flow of your thought like a beaver
god damn she got some features!
i fill bleachers w/ teachers teach em how to breed a real good reader
i fill theatres w/ preachers, truth seekers are makin em weaker
i got oceans of potions, im good on the skin. lotion
are you jokin? wat you smoking
aint broken just slow motion
are you jokin? wat you smokin
aint broken just slow motion
aint broken just slow motion

your gonna do big things w/ yur life
u can move big things w/ yur mind
your a dreamer, no stantely steamer
dream weaver, street preacher, clean sweeper

your never at a loss for words
but u know a lot of words for loss
never knew the price of a girl
but when you gotta girl it comes at cost
you a genie? you really please me
you need me and you gonna feed me
Houdini? you really tease me
feelin sleazy then your off in the breezy
no wonder we love her
she spreads the love butter
hot damn btich ass mafucker
type a girl ma ma make me stutter
i see no other way of livin life
smiles in the day then you kill at night
this is nucking futs
i can believe i bucked you in the futt
get a little bit of funk in your game
then skinny dip drunk in the rain
in the rain i see your reflection
see my lil soldier standing at attention
in the rain i see your reflection
see my lil soldier standing at attention

I play for schools of fish
rub my belly and ill give you a wish
fuck all these cool kid cliques
spending money on equipment and still sound like shit
dont be nervous and worthless
your gonna be perfect to work w/
dont wanna be be old and bitter
dont wanna be a cold ass sinner
dont wanna be a one hit quitter
you wanna be a winnner
dont wanna be a one hit quitter
you wanna be a winnner
aint desperate but desperado
Jonaire a hard a act to follow
Track Name: Sa Akin
shes mine, nobody else s

you illustrate beauty with a vibrant radiance
heartbeat dancin your my favorite
animal instincts in sync w/ the screen play
writtin in the stars and read in dream states
hypnotized by your energy
lets vibrate together we
cant deny our souls connected
stimulate my whole perspective
DNA flickerin electromagnetic
the sedative pleasure, lets get Tantric
on the bed, on the floor, in the shower
for hours...

shes mine, nobody else s

on the floor, in the bed, in a car, in the shower
on the roof, in the grass, euphoric for hours
enduring the infinite w/in your cranium
penetrate intensified, you'll never feel the same again
combine more power than all atomic bombs
intertwine, sixty-nine no condom on
massage your existance w/ my tongue and my words
serenade and give you the love you deserve
its the institute for human continuity
spread the love, spread the love, repeat process fluently
its the reason your here, its the reason I'm here
the reason the universe has never failed its career
galaxies breeding for eons
no doubt there are planets for life to succeed on
its the eternal addiction to creation
all and everything posses beyond and in-between the spaces

have you ever seen the sunrise from a mountain top?
have you ever made love on a mountain top?
have you ever seen the sunrise from a cloud?
have you ever made love on a cloud?
Track Name: Sleep (Motionless) Paralysis ft. Anek
undoubtedly you are one of many
whom suffer the psychotic illness
or blessing of inter-dimensional traveling
congratulations, you have acquired the proper
acquaintances or synchronized relationships
coincidence to many connections you currently face
in hearing my monotone vocal-tone you've surely been saved
coincidence to many connections you currently face
in hearing my monotone vocal-tone you've surely been saved
woah..thats what I said when I heard the note
nearly euthanize'd my brain and pulled my heart up outta my throat
I'm already a victim of my environment
found spirituality when I wondered where the science went.
I was shocked *BZZT* when I heard the truth

"yo Jonaire, this sh*ts getin pretty intense man..
I wanna hear some of that LNC izzle"

zombie life, zombie love is emotionless
I'm alive and awake have you noticed yet?
haters hear my sound I get no respect.
women hear my sound I get em ocean wet.
I tend to work hard, overheat, over sweat
You can see my heart bleed Ive got an open chest
What does it take to be a man? fight the hopelessness
"Give peace a chance" quote the best
most wont confess for the need of love or soul regrets,
for the need of comfort in drugs to stay in focus yes
And I wont lie I find life so perfect
most smoke to get high, try sober sex
Im a lil rough but I wont choke your neck
Ill massage your legs hold, kiss, lick, stroke your flesh
soak your breasts w/ my elixir yea Im so direct
both of us climax, motionless...relax..

its the moment that's gone before you notice it
beyond measurement, you cant measure it
its the moment that's gone before you notice it
beyond measurement, motionless

I feel so sure, vibration I motion more
give it to you, take it away, ocean shore
I like music for, not the coke and whores
look into eyes, they're like open doors
they show me lies when you don't speak yours
hear a baby cry cuz he in for
live a life despise just to conform
to conform is like bein never born
I stay motionless in your eyes I scorn
be your oasis in your desert storm
no mirage, this is love, not flesh and porn
hold the beauty of a rose, its just thorns
zombie music its a movement
for those who know the core, the score
I dont know more, devoted to this
float like the bluest fish,
in the universal ether Im emotionless

phantoms at the edge of your bed waitin
phantoms at the edge of your bed watchin
Track Name: Firely Chile
I never knew I had a brother until he died
I held my mother as she cried
I was only five, but I wondered why
when he was alive he would hide
I never knew I had a brother until he died
I held my mother as she cried

When a musician dies his soul lives forever
When inspiration dies the thought lives forever
In the collective memory you live on
In the collective memory you live on
Track Name: Used To Be Now
do wat i wanna do
be who i wanna be
see what i wanna see
like your its supposed to

listen, its all about what you wanna do
who you wanna be? how you wanna live
it went from big thrills to payin bills
remember when we were just kids?

it used to milk and juice and soda
knock on my window come over
used to play "simon says" at the park
watch "are you afraid of the dark?"
hide and go seek and fly off the swings
look at the clouds and dream
big things for the future was soon to be ours
fingertip tickle the stars
you throw the roll cuz your in a control
you should know how it should flow

do you wanna be a one hit wonder?
or a constant rolling thunder

let it be known if your feeling it
let someone know if your thinkin it feelin it
let it be known if your dreamin it
let someone know if your thinking it feelin it

born to for the fight, born to use mics
born to stay up late at night

used to watch all that and saved by the bell
n now its all crap and crazy ass hell
used to drink HI-C, Capri Sun, soda
now its beer belly long islands hang overs
used to chew bubble gum now smoke cigarettes
used to feel butterfly's now its regrets
used to be genuine to take a breath
now its arguments and angry make up sex
used to steal bases n pitch shut outs?
now i wanna stay inside and never come out
used to bike, grind, peg manuals and barspins
now hit the stage club festival n bar gigs
used to be my dogs and cats who got my back in the dark
now snakes n rats swimmin w/ the sharks
used to be a little broke now I let my cash grow
used to be a little bitch now Im an asshole?

traded in my bike for a mic
traded my glove for love

used to be bike skit comedy recording
now its live music audio recording
used to be a loner boner, stoner
now imma four leave clover, brother
used to be a failure now you are proud
used to be shy now im rockin the crowd
used to be a felony now its a legacy
used to be a little smile now its extacy
used to be a drop out now its a scholarship
used to be an actor now hes a politic?
used to be a spanking now its a DUI
used to be my best friend now i wanna see you

Track Name: Rendezvous/ Dogon Step N' Shout
we travel by lightening
some blow in the wind, some float by sea, but LNC
we travel by lightening
some roll by car, train, fly in a plane. nope
we travel by lightening
we make it rain more when we brain storm were gettin chased for creating more elevators

"an underground. and the purpose of this underground is to find out how to preserve the light. life, the culture, how to keep things living. see i keep thinking what we need is a new language. a language of the heart. some kind of language between people that is a new kind of poetry. its the poetry of the dancing bee that tells us where the honey is.." Andre Gregory

collective conscious evolving
reflection of inner calling
interconnections unlocking
walls of illusion dissolving

doors of perception wide open
energy vibrating golden
wisdom of ancients have spoken
oceans of light weve been chosen

"and i think in order to create that language, your gonna have to learn how you can go through a looking glass. into another kind of perception. where you have that sense of being united to all things" Andre Gegory
Track Name: Reality Hacking/ Disapparate
The multi-verses were created cause I put them there
Im not a god or an atheist, Im less than a strand of hair
growin on the eye of bacterial micro-organisms
Why do we let each other die in a fight w/ our own religions?
We can follow all commandments and do all the work
You can be first in line for heaven but still be a jerk.
We dont know a law exists until we break it
Didn't know I couldn't do that I must have been mistaken
I try to fight the cynicism as a citizen living in a tyrannical vision of condition
Praise to the King of Limbs, proof the seed begins
to sprout, grow, blossom and bloom the peace within
Reach for the sun and absorb that light
Follow the ones to the core of sight
Cause were living blind, but from time to time
we can see whats truly random or by design
But does it really matter? Whats important
Follow your own path clearly or distorted
The multi-verses were created cause' you put them there
See it how you wanna see its all for you to share....

livin life contradictory
workin so hard dunno if ill achieve victory
id rather be a slave in heaven then a king in hell
cuz i refuse to make the type of music that sells
as i get older tho my point of view changes
lookin the mirror knowin i gotta make changes
puttin so much energy n heart inside creations
i make love to music im sick of the masturbation
lose confidence questionin myself too much
spending all my time realities outta touch
i do it for the love or is it only obsession?
contribute to the world a positive reflection
i know inside my heart it be the right thing to do
ive got the light your in dark do you know whats good for you?

wat is success without a test?
when im on a rolll i never rest

the mind works in mysterious ways
in empirical days delirious slaves serious plays
feels like the universe is being destroyed
and re built every millisecond from the void
on stage cocky off stage timid
is this me or just a character from outerlimits?
i could go about my days actin like nothin wrong
but I'm afraid for tomorrows reconstructive bombs
some people run away day to day ignoring it all
are you ready to catch the ball n make an informative call?
Track Name: Ancient Future
Infinity exists within the depths of your mind
appreciate the vacancy don't neglect the design
We find present time regulated by authority
unfortunately anarchy is over-run by "majority"
of self-centered utilitarian suppremacists
who knew peace and authority could relatively co-exist
in this realm with ourselves, universal prison cell
go sign to a major its your decision to sell
the system and college curriculum existing to fail
God takes the good ones cause we're living in Hell

Are you living in hell? God took your love cause your living in hell
We need more soldiers in heaven, there's a war going on we need soldiers in heaven.

A mere mut w/ hair full of dust
don't fear cause I came w/ a hand full of trust
with an animals clutch on realitys touch
Ive captured the buds of a magical rush
which flow through my veins in abundance like a conscience
energizing from every sunset the cycle provides
I cant deny I feel most alive when I flow w/ the tides
Insignificant significance, we're primitive compared to how we embody the infinite
We all came from the same from the same root
We've been interconnected before life and death became truth
But its all fiction, existing contradictions
WE are the keepers to our own restrictions
only when you open your crowns profound
then we fall in love with all surrounding nouns.
The recycling of organized chaos,
mortified cave-thoughts to forty-five slaves bought
freedom is truth, embrace the difference,
heartbeats the proof, peace on the wish list,
we are the fishes, Im but some plankton,
all that creates me I must be thankful.
Survivor of time, victim of oppression
suspect to shepherds, spirit of expression,
channeling reflections inter-dimensionally
awaiting the bond, extra terrestrials and us.
Come on down, you know the price is right
everything you touch comes to life.

ELLEN SEA, The Sea of Light
Everything You Touch Comes To Life.
Track Name: Cabaret Cabernet/ Casio Chopin/ Fly Low feat. Anek
Thank You.

Jonaire edibles delectable incredible \
LNC intelligence is heaven sent un-irrelevance uh huh
LNC edibles incredible delectable s
LNC intelligence is heaven sent un-irrelevance uh huh

so incredible delectable why haven't you tried it?
all collectibles so why don't you go and buy it?

Jonaire legacy Ellen Legendary
Aneken energy anti-cemetery
LNC entity heavens embassy
better than Ecstasy mental treasury
re-born like a phoenix outta the Sea of Light
the core of a genius, phantom outta site

MA GN I FR I ED its hot like magma rye
damn this guy Generik whats he like?
anything but with the infinite love
cynical but with all this luck
we never got stuck, hipster or thug
think big now but live like a bug.

When we were just some kids we did what we did
I played like a fritz to be cool and I took you to school
but you know what I had to do
Cuz I saw all of you doing things that weren't true
and now I have to sing some kind of blues
I play w/ different hues, and I feel so faint
but you see me abstract as if I were paint
I, Ive seen the sky

I like my women like my coffee, brown
especially ones that dig my sound
when the bombs come fuck up your town
Ill take you to my bunker underground
I like my women like my coke, vanilla
MJ, Zombie shufflin, Thrilla
half chinchilla, half New Manila
beatbox inspiration Kela, Killa
menajahtwa in Arkansas,
it was quite Tenacious D
they wanted all my rocket sauce
only if you speak in a different language please.
Photograph take a pic of my destiny
snapshot materialize entity
eternal inferno, Imma bounce like a bunny
while you hide, turtle
shell, welcome to HELLo
Im kinda tough like gargling Jello
Im a dorky smart Donatello
when we have a daughter lets name her Cello.

I like women like chocolate caramel
again and again, up, down carousel
edge mountain view from a Ferris wheel
X2, Katsu, what we gonna feel?
I like my women like my life, chill
kick it anywhere, still keep it real
mellow, Im just a fellow who cant settle
for anything less than radiant flesh
light, you can be my night guide
high to the sky reflect all vibes
until I see that I set you free
maintain vibration, hydrate me.
you are breeze my mind stay seas
I perceive that you could leave
gone with the wind, out to sea
growing fins a mermaid free
lets just chill until that later
soak by roots and pollinate you
pollinate ears, odd creator
lets make babies get some papers
get high tonight, no mistakes huh?

Adventures of Tiger Bunny
Till next time.