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Watch the video for RAVEN right here --> youtu.be/gpjUOpSMlCQ

Countless cultures point to the RAVEN as a harbinger of powerful secrets, messenger of deep cosmic mysteries. Symbol of mind and thought. Healer bearing magic and light to the dark side of the psyche.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project.
To everyone who gives an ear to my creations.
To your continued support.
Respect the unpredictable creative power of nature.
Listen with an open mind and heart.
Peace, love & laughter.

Dedicated to the memory of Eric Jan De Lagillardaie


released 11 November 2014

All songs painted, produced & projected by Generik (11:11/ASCAP)

Hollow Earth features Jessica Johnson

Less Mouth, More Ear produced by Go Yama

Market Of The Beast features Emphasize www.reverbnation.com/emphtunes

Contact produced by DJ Inform

Science of Saying Something features Qwel www.galapagos4.com/artist.php?artist_id=85

Photography by Jessica Johnson



all rights reserved


feeds for this album, this artist
Track Name: Optimystic
Some fly high off that marijuana stench
Some dig deeper than the Mariana trench
Some find god in the televisionsnow
We all keep it in but its best to let it go
and BREATHE, your alive
Equalize both horizons of your mind
You’re here, your alive
Equalize both horizons of your mind

Value wisdom over knowledge
Books over looks, love over power
I’m a million years of ancient soul
Singing songs of sacred poems
and lessons shared through fables told, listen..
I knew a young prodigy, creatively inventive
Rediscovered free-energy fully independent of the grid
Just a kid who would change the world forever
Investor’s offered millions for his brilliant endeavors
Enchanted by the government, lured into their possession
Seized by the military, used as a weapon
he tried to fight against it but he signed the dotted line
Now he’s on the run, hiding trying not to lose his mind..

The system's got him stressin,
forgettin all his dreams, losin his attention
focus on redemption, instead of pointless pretensions
move in all directions, shift between dimensions

History is written by the victors
Truth isn’t proof if it’s hidden in a picture
Everyone’s a winner when nobody’s competing
Free to Live your life, write something worth reading
History is written by the victors
Truth isn’t Proof if it’s hidden in a picture
Everyone’s a winner when nobody’s competing
Free to Live your life, Write a LiFE worth Leading.

A greedy suit in a high position of power
ruining lives and making millions by the hour
let the Corporation control his only soul
selfish pig feeding on that space cadet glow.
Watched his colleague make headlining news
who confessed to the corruption their company abused
A whistle blower on the run, heading towards the sun
overwhelmed with the dread he fearfully grabbed his gun
Thought about the poor families he destroyed
All the children they either killed or employed
All the television drugs and alcohol to numb the guilt
His soul broke free from the pressure that he built
He ran to the top floor, heart pounding in his chest
Wide awake knowing now he could never rest
Prayed for forgiveness screaming up at the sky
looking down upon the city believing he can fly

Some fly high off that marijuana stench
Some dig deeper than the Mariana trench
Some find god in the televisionsnow
We all keep it in but its best to let it go
AND BREATHE, your alive
Equalize both horizons of your mind
You’re here, your alive
Equalize both horizons of your mind
Track Name: Hollow Earth ft. Jessica Johnson
catch you later calculator I am a man of nature,
star navigator along the path of flavor,
satchel full of paper, analog tapes, no pager
cloak of alligator skin, master negotiator
born out of a qwazaar, you were born in an incubator,
haters of my nature fall incinerator
you can always call me your friendly, wise neighbor
wand made of holly, ancient light sabor
wrapped in annunaki heart string,
master of all "ologys" calling me your holy Star King
staff made of coral reef from Atlantis
I energize by the moon and dragon meat sandwhiches
disguised as the homeless vagabond you pass by
in the back alleys observing you w/ my black eyes
the only way you'll find me is to follow maggots
vanish deep beneath the core into the hollow planet

time does not exist
guiding us since our birth
into a hollow earth

Don't call me your lil bro, ill punch your nose
and stuff your throat w/ an open artichoke,
sacrificing rappers at a Quest Haven gathering
it wreaked of faygo and the laughter was maddening
mad-hatter cavalry storm into my fort
I burn sage for protection and rock jewels of quartz.
I ring the sirens, this is not a fire drill
bring the violence and mayhem, Silent Hill
bring the science w/ a mystic minded vibrant skill
while your stuck in black n white kinda miming still
your systems full of parasites feenin for attention
eatin all your terabytes, and cheatin on your lessons
did I mention? if you cant break the connection
your gettin detention w/ the kids in the 5th dimension
pass the crystal bong of space herbs to Merlin
turnin my trip from observant to disturbin
I was worshiped by Aliester Crowley
to master the craft of wizardry listen slowly
lumos imperio bombarda crucio
patronus of a phantom head of fire, Rufio
puncturing your sphere of influence by the day
bitch smacked Anton Lavey and made him dig his own grave
Track Name: Less Mouth, More Ear (prod. by Go Yama)
I travel space in a cutlass supreme
got the chicken pox in the Philippines
then again when I was 16?
Living in a fever dream that never ends
What is real when most pretend?
Wrote a list of things to do, start a large fire
Next, put out a large fire
Get the front page of national enquirer
Bungee jump, retire.
So many days to acquire/ so many trees to admire
too many grays in the wire/ too many people to inspire me
I'm an advocate for positive energy
Nostalgic remedies, prank call your enemies
Laughter is a habit of the healthy
Capture the magic of the rapture in a selfie?
I failed a personality test
No patience for the dumb on this reality quest
w/out reinforcement you rapidly unwind
build words with everlasting design
w/out balance your empire will crumble
w/out experience you’re a child in a bubble
everyone talks but nobodies listening
everyone talks but whose listening?

too many mouths and not enough ears
disappear for a year, reappear w/a beard
don’t blame it on the cocaine, blame it on the Coltrane
still rocked my uniform when there was no game
riding on spaceship earth on a soul-train
re-calibrate my robo-brain
celebrate this experience called life
don’t sleep, we create all night
shy kid, young, cool, laid back
vivid ideas, let me create that
i'm living in a lucid world
but treat her right or your gonna lose that girl
got bored w/ school so I took a vacation
got bored w/ that so I went back To school,
felt outta place when people where changing
..Some kids can be so cruel
Fashionably ugly, a calculated decorum
RIP, cause of death was boredom
Life is a movie, you’re the director
Behind your eyelids, mind the projector

The wise old owl sat on an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard
Why aren’t we more like the bird?